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Tool Boxes Pouches & Holders

Find all kinds of excellent tool pouches, boxes, holders, tool belts, organisers, and more for your collection of tools. Whether on the go, or at your work table, you can be sure these storage solutions will keep your tools organised and at the ready.

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While we're often taken by the tools we have and want it's easy to overlook the need to ensure your tools are stored well, not only for ensuring they're where you need them, but stored in a way that prevents them from being damaged, and also able to be taken where you need your tools to be. We love craft and handiwork projects, so it's better to spend time on what we love, rather than interrupt our passion looking for that one tool you just can't seem to find!

That's where storage solutions comes in. Every artisan will tell you that a basic toolbox is not enough. You need a tool rack on your table top for tools you need often, storage boxes for those specialised tools needed only on occasion, and a tool belt or bag so you can bring them with you quickly and easily. Doing this will save you countless hours, and greatly speed up your efficiency, while also ensuring your tools will not get damaged. Fortunately we carry storage solutions for all these occasions and more. Please browse our line up to find just what you're looking for.