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Founded in 1963, Aida has been recycling precious metals as a resource for production and as an alternative solution to exhausting naturally occurring mineral resources. Aida experience over the years has allowed us to be both highly efficient and diversified, and their company has even gone so far as to explore the artistic and cultural applications of their technology and recycled products, hence our Art Clay range of products which are now known and used in more than 47 countries around the world (as of 2020). They obtain waste and recycle it into pure gold or silver (99.99%), platinum and palladium by applying their precious metal analysis and refining skills, delivering this back as either return materials or utilize themselves.

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Art Clay Co. (Aida) main line of business is the recycling of precious metals. They not only collect these precious resources but also actively participate in the art and culture field through the use of precious metals as an artistic medium. Silver and gold powdered metals are not easily fabricated by everyone.

However, the technology of our company has completely changed that traditional understanding.They have developed an innovative new material that everyone can easily use and fabricate with silver and gold metals. They have succeeded in transforming these ground metals into powder form, mixing them with a special binder and have come up with clay form products like Art Clay Silver, Art Clay Gold, and Art Clay Copper which can be shaped into any kind of form that the artist desires.

They intend to continue to create and spread an entirely new kind of artistic culture using these revolutionary products.