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Wood Carving Veiner Chisel

Veiner is a type of small wood carving tool, great for making deep gouges into the surface of the wood. It leaves a U-shaped impression when stabbed in wood. Great for producing lines and fine details such as hair, fur, and other similar decorative lines.

A veiner is a wood carving tool that produces very narrow, deep cuts. It began as a term for any tool used to run the veins in acanthus, oak, and grape leaves This tool has a #11 sweep similar to a gouge but the difference is that veiner has longer sides and produces a U-shaped cut. The bevel is rounded and will easily follow the cutting edge through curves and curls. When pushed through the surface of the wood, it creates a hollowed-out vein that has vertical walls, and the edges of its grooves have a deep shadow. This tool is great for lines and small details such as hair, fur, and other similar decorative lines. Veiners will create a softer outline to a relief form than the parting tools or v-tools can.

To sharpen a veiner, place the sharpening stone horizontally in front of you and add water or oil as appropriate. Place the gouge at a proper angle on the surface of the stone and slide the tool from side to side along the stone's length. Rotate the handle of the gouge at the same time when sliding the tool so that the cutting edge will receive an even grind. Continue sharpening until you can feel the burr on the curve inside the gouge's curve. Remove the burrs using a slip stone. Keep in mind that they must fit inside the tool's profile. Hold the slip stone between your thumb and fingertips and run it on the inside contour of the carving tool. Keep the entire surface of the slip stone rubbing against the length of the tool. Finish sharpening by running the inside and outside faces of the cutting edge down the leather strop to polish the edge which then produces sharp results.