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Kongo Toishi

Management of Sakurayama Kogyosho, which had been manufacturing raw material Allundum since 1918 in Nakano, Tokyo, was taken over in January 1921, and the company name was changed. Was designated as Nippon Kongo Toishi Seisakusho. It has been more than 90 years since we started manufacturing various grinding wheels, and we are proud that our products with unique technology are unrivaled, and we have been well received by most people.

In 1935, it was organized as a joint-stock company, Nippon Kongo Toishi Seisakusho, and took over the private management, but in May 1945, the entire factory building was destroyed by fire.

After the war, we started the restoration of the Tokyo head office factory and resumed some reconstruction production.  In April 1949, the organization was changed to Nippon Kongo Toishi Seisakusho Co., Ltd., and in 1955, it was designated as a JIS factory, but in February 1971, the factory was relocated to Mizukaido City, Ibaraki Prefecture (currently Joso City) for further rationalization of facilities, and continues to this day.