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NT Incorporated was established in 1953 by Yozo Ihata, the founder of company. NT Incorporated., as a pioneer of cutter knives, has been developing and producing products to suit various people from children to adults and for a variety of different usage.

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Yozo Ihata, the founder of the company, founded a business called Ihata Shoten in 1948 to produce and sell the offset print transfer papers. It became Nippon Transfer Paper Co., Ltd. in 1953  after business expansion and was recognized as a corporation. In 1959 they developed the NT cutter, took out a patent on it, and started the sales for NT Cutter. It was the first time in the world that “Sharp Knife” (presently named “Cutter Knife”) was introduced in the market. The brand was named “NT CUTTER” and sales for A-type cutter were started. Since then, they started exhibiting various fairs (shows) to expand the products in the market. And in 1988, the name of the company was changed to NT incorporated, and it has been the name of the company even to this day.

NT Incorporated manufactures and sells NT Cutters, spare blades, Dresser, and industrial sanders for domestic and more than 100 foreign countries worldwide. NT cutter brand has been known for its finest quality blades and high-quality materials since 1959. In addition to the standard and snap-off knives for heavy-duty work, NT has a large lineup of specialty knives such as Snap-off Blade Utility Knives, Art Knives, custom blades for industrial use, replacement blades, and many more.