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Files, Rasps, and Chisels for Woodworking

Our great selection of high-quality woodworking files, rasps, and chisels come in different sizes and features. These are great for smoothing out and shaping the surface of any woodwork, making your woodworking projects look professional and more refined.

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Step up your woodworking and leathercraft game with Goods Japan's collection of high-quality files, rasps, and chisels! Our commitment to providing only the best Japanese tools, materials, and equipment at reasonable prices means you can elevate your craft without breaking the bank.

Goods Japan’s wide selection of excellent quality leathercraft and woodworking tools are made in Japan and from select international suppliers. Our comprehensive collection includes everything you need to create exquisite woodworking and leathercraft items. 

Our hand files and rasps come in different shapes and profiles, suitable for shaping and smoothing out various wood surfaces. They also remove wood faster without the risk of a tear-out. These files are perfect for large work for removing stocks quickly and easily, and small work for fine and precise filing. 

The chisels are great and work well with our wood files, for smoothing out and shaping plastic, aluminum, brass, plasterboards, and more. 

Our tools are designed to provide maximum precision and control, making them ideal for both novice and experienced woodworkers alike.

Shop with confidence knowing that every product we sell has been thoroughly screened to ensure exceptional quality and value. And with our no-nonsense free shipping, the price you see listed on our website is the price you pay, no matter where you are in the world. Trust in Goods Japan to bring you the best Japanese woodworking and leathercraft tools right to your doorstep.