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Olfa Corporation manufactures and sells precision cutters. The Company offers a wide range of cutting tools such as snap-off blade cutters, rotary cutters, scrapers, scissors, other purpose-made hand tools, and accessories, including cutting mats, quilt rulers, and blade disposal cases. Olfa distributes its products in Japan and internationally.

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In 1956 Mr.Y.Okada, the founder of Olfa Corporation, invented the world’s first Snap-off blade cutter. The inspiration for this incredible idea came from breaking off segments of chocolate bars and analyzing the snap edges of broken glass. This unique invention has since become a worldwide bestseller and is commonly referred to as an Olfa Cutter.

Since then, Olfa has been committed to developing practical and safe hand-held cutting tools. Olfa brand blades are made with top-quality materials, forged with technologies that stem from traditional sword-making, sharpened with technologies that give a blade life, and ultimately finished with the craftsmanship that brings all of this together. The holders and handles are designed, developed, and manufactured in Japan and subjected to strict quality checks throughout the process to allow users to gain the full cutting performance of these high-quality blades. 

The body color of Olfa products was selected in 1967 by Yoshio Okada. He decided on a soft yellow color similar to egg yolk because it was associated with “safety” and “familiar” images. With hand-held cutting tools, quality weighs heavily on user safety. And, because safety is always a top priority, Olfa is very demanding when it comes to quality. This is the underlying principle of Olfa’s official corporate color — yellow.