Welcome to Goods Japan, here you'll find an incredible array of unique, high quality, Japanese products, including leathercraft tools and supplies, wood carving tools, outstanding kitchen knives, and a whole range of awesome lifestyle products for the home and garden. We're adding to our range all the time, so browse our store, you won't be disappointed.
+d h-Concept GUMHOOK Silicone Wall Hook Colourful & Decorative Storage Hanger
These soft hooks are great to brighten up your home, soft yet study, these hooks are great for all your hanging needs.
Bakuma Japanese Wood Ryoba Saw Dual Edged Replacable Serrated 25cm Steel Blade
Built for large jobs where only a full size saw will do, this quality Japanese saw is an excellent addition to your carpentry tool set.
Craft Sha Leather Pricking Iron Leathercraft Diamond Stitching Chisel 6x2.5mm
This Craft Sha stitch chisel is excellent for ensuring professional looking stitches for your leathercraft every time. Please note that Craft Sha 2.5mm punches are equivalent to and compatible 5mm Seiwa / Kyoshin Elle Pricking Irons and nippers.
Craft Sha Leathercraft Tragacanth Clear & Smooth Burnishing Gum for Leather 80ml
This unique, irritant free, odourless clear formulated burnishing gum is a great replacement for Tragacanth, use it to burnish the flesh side of your leather for a smooth and attractive finish.
Keystone Foldable Storage Foot Stool Step Seat Container Box Organizer
Need a leg up on your household tasks and more places for storage? The Keystone Foldable Storage Stool could give you that!
Keystone Mercury Working Strong Canvas Pockets Small Multi-Purpose Tote Bag
Stand this durable tote bag upright on a table and use it as a creative way to store your tools.
Keystone Retro Hartwig Dairy Woodland Cow Raw Milk Steel Plate Wall Clock
A wall clock that offers a combination of form and function that will make it a statement piece in any setting. The Keystone Woodland Milk Wall Clock can give you that!
Leathercraft from A4 Size Leather Pieces Book for Stitching & Making Leatherwork
This incredible book has been specially selected for its easy to follow pictorial tutorials that can be followed by anyone without the need to understand Japanese. It includes details descriptions and measurements on how to build professional quality leathercraft using leather no large an A4 sheet of paper.
Leathercraft Table Pony Desktop Lacing Pony & Sewing Horse For Stitching Leather
Finally! No more awkward oversized stitching horses that are uncomfortable to sit on, this table pony is excellent for stitching on lacing from your desktop! Conveniently sized so it can be stored easily, this leathercraft Pony what is you've been waiting for!
PMC Flex 66.9g Mitsubishi Precious Metal Clay Silver Art Clay, 60g Silver Weight
This pack of Precious Metal Clay Flex (PMC Flex) becomes silver at 700 degrees Celsius with only a 10-18% shrinkage rate after sintering. This silver clay is the most easily mouldable PMC silver clay available from Mitsubishi Materials.
Tidy Kop Roll Cleaner Sticky Adhesive Tape Hair & Lint Remover Roller
Why hide your adhesive roller cleaner away when it can be a work of art on your bookshelf? This great cleaning roller comes in a sleek, fashionable container and has a stylish wooden handle.
Yoitarikikougyou x10 Japanese Wood Carving Chisel Kit Flat U Bent Gouge V Tool
One of the best tool sets in our range, these hand crafted set of 10 Japanese tools are excellent for your next wood carving project, or replacing your old worn out set of tools.
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