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In the 8th year of the Taisho era, in Bessho-mura, Mino-gun (currently Bessho-cho, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture), the founder, Akira Nagaike, began manufacturing knives and planes under the name "Nagaike Knife Mfg. Co., Ltd." The founder, who is a swordsmith, seems to have been good at freely deforming iron such as forging and forge welding, and he seems to have manufactured many blades that meet the needs of customers.

The founder, who decided that when the era changed from the Taisho era to the Showa era, would change to the "era of selling trademarks," used the meaning of clarifying his name "chapter" to make Miki's good cutlery clearer. In 1945, I applied for trademark registration by writing a chapter in the three trees and calling it "Mikisho"

In the era of the second generation Shunji Nagaike, "manufacturing of gardening knives" due to the passage of time and commitment to the second generation of bonsai, and "manufacturing of sculpture knives" by utilizing the technique of sword blacksmithing began in 1974. May Opened Tokushima Branch in Myozai District, Tokushima Prefecture, and opened a wood carving section in Hanshin Department Store in June 1983. Currently, the 3rd generation Katsuhiro Nagaike has expanded to each home center and famous cutlery hardware gardening stores nationwide, and has become a comprehensive manufacturer of handmade products.