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Kaimei Co., Ltd. was founded in 1898 by Seiji Taguchi. Seiji Taguchi, who was an elementary school teacher in a mountain village in Gifu in the 20's of the Meiji era, said, "I feel sorry for the children who brush their ink with their hands in the cold." He studied applied chemistry at Tokyo Institute of Technology and invented ink, which He named "Kaimei ink".

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The so-called Four Treasures of the Bunbo, which are brushes, ink, inkstones, and paper, were born in China, but the ink used today is the first product born in Japan as "Kaimei ink"., Kaimei Co has a history of 123 years, valuing awareness and responsibility as the company that invented "ink juice".

In the early days, it was said that using ink would damage the brush and make the letters shine, and ink was discriminated against solid ink.

However, as a result of continuous research and development as a pioneer of ink, Kaimei continued to improve from various angles, such as increasing the degree of purification of glue and calcium chloride used as raw materials, and has now eliminated such weaknesses. Not only that, we also succeeded in completing the ink with the taste of old ink. It has become widely used by children and well-known calligrapher teachers. In recent years, with growing interest in the environment and health, all Kaimei products have been outsourced to an external organization for component analysis to prove the safety of the products.