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We offer the finest leathercraft tools and supplies you need such as dyes, hardware, leather knives, stamps, pricking irons, and more! Check out our quality leatherworking products to see which is best for you.

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Goods Japan has a vast collection of unique and excellent leather craft supplies such as leather craft tools, dyes, paints, lacquers, foundations and more. With its wide range of tools and supplies from Japanese top brands of leather craft items such as Seiwa, Kyoshin Elle, and Craft Sha, you can surely find the right tool and material that you need to begin a hobby or a business venture in leather craft.

The type, color and quality of leather pieces is very important for beginners as well as professionals in leather craftsmanship. With that, Goods Japan offers excellent vegetable tanned leather that has undergone an eco-friendly tanning process. The best leathercraft tools are such a great help to artisans to create amazing leather products. From leather stitching tools or groovers to leather edge creasers and mallets, we offer for sale, will ensure that stitching, punching holes and creases, stamping, and lacing holes on leather will be effortless with the proper tools. Another underrated tool that will make your leather work easier is the leather edge beveler, which lets you smoothen the rough corners of your leather with ease and precision.

Moreover, your leather projects will not be complete without the leather dyes and leather paints we have for sale that will help you achieve the desired color of your leather. Leather lacquer, whether in matt, standard or gloss finish, is also popular for leather craft enthusiasts since they enhance the leather’s appearance and give the material its elegant varnish. And to apply these leather dyes, paints and lacquer, you need appropriate leather brushes (link to leather brushes & applicators) for easier application.

Since Goods Japan is a one-stop online shop for leather craft supplies. It also has a range of leathercraft hardware like conchos, segma snaps, buckles, rivets, eyelets, buckles, links hooks and more which you can use to customize your leather craft creations. Another great technique is leather stamping which adds intricate patterns to your artwork. Also available from our website are the leather stamps with delicate designs and leather letter stamps that are trendy these days since they enhance leather crafts’ appearance.