Craft Sha Somenon Leathercraft Latex Liquid Masking Tape for Leather Dye & Paint

Worried about dye staining the areas of your leatherwork or artwork you'd prefer it didn't? Or perhaps you'd like to create intricate patterns without worrying about bleed over? This amazing latex product will help you achieve your goal, simply apply with a brush, wait for it to dry, do your dyeing and then peel off.

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This excellent chemical is used in the same way masking tape is used, but with far more flexibility. Each jar contains 100ml of masking agent.

Simply brush Liquid Masking Agent onto your leather in the pattern you desire and allow to dry. Once dried it will protect your leather from dye or paint. Proceed to paint or dye your leathercraft as you desire, then peel off the Liquid Masking Agent to reveal a clean and unmarked section of leather. Wash brushes with warm water directly after use while the liquid masking tape is still wet.

Shake well before use.

Excellent for mosaic designs, creative leather dyeing or protecting anywhere accidental dyeing would spoil your leatherwork. Make your own creative styles as never before with this product.

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