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Craft Sha Leathercraft Pricking Iron 6x2.5mm Sewing Tool 6 Prong Diamond Point Leather Stitch Punch, for Straight Edges in Leatherwork

This Craft Sha stitch chisel is excellent for ensuring professional looking stitches for your leathercraft every time. Please note that Craft Sha 2.5mm punches are equivalent to and compatible 5mm Seiwa / Kyoshin Elle Pricking Irons and nippers.

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You're looking at a brand new Craft Sha 2.5mm (distance between the edge of the prongs) 6 prong stitching punch that's an excellent way to ensure your stitching is smooth and even (Width between holes and hole size compatible with other Craft-Sha irons of the same size).

This Pricking Iron will make six holes per inch or three holes per centimetre. Recommended for large bags, backpacks, wallets and dog collars or similar applications where rugged medium-wide stitching is required.

This high quality tool is used to punch holes in a precise diamond shape that is optimal for stitching leather. This high carbon steel tool is made in Japan to the highest standard and will last a lifetime.

Please note always use a soft headed hammer (never metal) and tap it into your leather work gently, when removing, always pull it out of your leatherwork straight, never shift it side to side to loosen it or this could snap the prongs. Avoid using leather that is so thick it makes removal difficult. If you work with leather that is thick enough to make removal difficult then a wider pricking iron is recommended.

Please note the size is compatible with other 2.5mm Craft Sha Pricking Irons, the Seiwa / Kyoshin Elle 5mm Stitch Punch and nippers or other six holes per inch diamond hole pricking irons only.

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Manufacturer Craft Sha
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