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Forever Cera C14YW High Quality Ceramic Yellow Kitchen Knife 14cm Made in Japan

Add a splash of colour to your kitchen with this colourful yellow and white ceramic knife. Scientifically proven to last longer than competing brands, this outstanding knife is great for all applications in the kitchen. Available in three colours; pink, yellow and blue.

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This yellow and white knife is one of the finest ceramic knives on the market today with a 14cm (5.5) blade. (Other colours available)

Forever, a leading brand whose committed artisans produce some of the best blades money can buy, makes this Cerafine knife.

It has been scientifically proven to be one of the sharpest available today, and it is created in Japan to the highest quality standards.

This knife can be used for a variety of tasks in the kitchen, including cutting through bread, lettuce, fish, steak, or chicken.

Cera Forever ceramic knives cut better and stay sharper for a far longer amount of time than any other type of kitchen knife in the world, in addition to being sanitary, anti-allergic, lightweight, and acid resistant. Cera Forever ceramic knives outperformed steel, stainless steel, and other ceramic knives in independent cutting edge retention tests.

Q. Why do Cera Forever ceramic knives outperform other ceramic knives in cutting edge retention testing? Aren’t all ceramic knives the same?
A. Not all ceramic knives are the same. There are many differences in raw materials and manufacturing methods and that leads to finished products of greatly differing quality, as can be seen in cutting edge retention test results. Cera Forever’s high density ceramic knives are 100% manufactured in Japan using Japanese raw materials and Forever's unique manufacturing method.

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