Kyoshin Elle Japanese Leathercraft Soft Black Iron & Blue Steel No.1 Leather Utility Skiving Knife 24mm Great for Leatherwork Skiver | Goods Japan

Kyoshin Elle Japanese Leathercraft Soft Black Iron & Blue Steel No.1 Leather Utility Skiving Knife 24mm Great for Leatherwork Skiver

This Japanese leather utility knife with a blade that is made from high-quality iron and steel sandwiched together, and meticulously tempered by skilled artisans, boasts exceptional quality. As part of our top-notch collection of Japanese leathercraft knives, it is ideal for skiving and cutting that is built to last for years.

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This 24 mm Kyoshin Elle Japanese Kokuryu Leather Knife, has a blade made from high-quality iron and steel welded together to give you the best combination of hard Blue Steel No.1 for the cutting edge, and the flexibility of Soft Black Iron for the blade, capable of easily slicing through the toughest of leathers. The handle of the Kokuryu Leather Knife is made from sturdy, varnished rosewood allowing you maximum control of the knife. The surface of the blade has a black, corrosion-resistant finish, ensuring that this knife will last for many years.  

This Japanese leather utility knife comes with a narrower 24mm blade compared to the 36mm version of this knife, making it more nimble, which is great for smaller applications, excellent for draw cutting, skiving, or punching straight lines in almost any kind of leather. 

Approximate product data:

  • Blade width: 24 mm
  • Type of Bevel: Single
  • Blade Colour: Black
  • Blade: Soft Black Iron and Blue Steel No.1,
  • Handle: Rosewood
  • Made in Japan

To cut leather, simply place your leather onto a quality purpose-made cutting mat, then begin your ciut using the appropriate corner of the blade into your leather, and pull the knife towards you, twisting the blade in the direction you wish to cut. Please ensure your blade is cutting the mat as well as your leather to ensure control and reduce the risk of slippage. When turning the knife around corners while cutting, pitch the handle of the knife away from you for more control, and when cutting in straight lines, pitch the handle of the blade towards you for straighter lines and more efficient cutting.

To skive leather, start by placing the leather flesh side up on a hard surface. Make sure the edge you want to skive is facing away from you. Choose a surface where the blade won't cut, such as marble. Then, hold the knife with the bevel facing upwards and the blade edge facing the same direction as the edge of the leather (or at a slight angle if you prefer). Cut the leather outward or across from where you want the skive to start, going straight through to the edge of the leather.

Exercise extreme caution when using to ensure the blade does not slip when using as this may result is serious injury. Cut proof clothing and gloves are recommended.

After use, clean the knife's blade and store it in a dry place without the edge contacting a hard surface. Regular maintenance, such as oiling and sharpening the iron blade, will ensure that the knife remains free of rust and is effective for future use. Keep out of the reach of children and always use with caution.

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