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Kyoshin Elle Japanese Leathercraft Tool Leather Lacing Fid Leatherworking Awl, with Wooden Handle, to Stretch & Widen Lace Holes

This high-quality lacing fid is used to quickly and effortlessly stretch and widen leather holes to make your leather lacing easy.

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Widen lacing holes in your leatherwork with this quality leathercraft awl from Kyoshin Elle to ensure great results and easy lacing. This tool is made in Japan from quality materials by skilled artisans, making it suitable for all your lacing needs and an excellent addition to your leathercraft tools.

This lacing fid has a blunt tip, so make sure to punch your lacing holes completely as this tool cannot pierce leather, only widen or stretch existing holes. The handle of this tool is ergonomically designed to allow for better grip and control during use.

To use this lacing fid, simply place the tip into the lace hole right before lacing your leathercraft, same as how you would use an awl for stitching.

Item ID 42940
Condition New
Model 53212
Manufacturer Kyoshin Elle
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 40 g