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Kyoshin Elle Water Based Leather Stiffener, Leathercraft Hardener 100ml

Harden your leather craft artwork with this water based leather stiffener, great for all kinds of leather, create masks, models and stiffen cases with this leather treatment.

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This 100ml (3.4 fluid ounces) of Kyoshin Elle Water based leather hardener is excellent making your leather work and sculptures stiff and hard.

Excellent if you need a degree of stiffness for your leather sculpture more than simple water casing will provide, but less then full strength oil based stiffener, e.g., leather flower petals, maintaining twists in leather strips, making face masks or maintaining folds.

Simply brush onto your leather and leave to dry, after you have dyed, shaped and dried your leather. Reapply as necessary, avoid excessively soaking your leather or this may lead to staining. It is recommended to experiment with leather scrap before committing to your actual project to ensure best results. Be sure to lacquer your leatherwork for a quality finish you can see and long lasting durability.

Please note, some darkening or staining may occur after drying, this will be more pronounced on light coloured leather and especially with over application or the saturation of your leather with this product. To minimise darkening or staining apply as little as required and only to the side of your leather that will not be seen, also, avoid soaking your leather with this product.

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