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Kyoshin Elle Leathercraft Punching Tool 18mm U Half Round Belt & Strap End Punch, to Cut Corners in Leatherworking

Cut the ends of your leather straps with ease and ensure professional results with this hand forged and tempered half round leathercraft strap cutter. Available in 14mm and 18mm.

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By getting yourself the Leathercraft Belt & Strap Mini End Punch U Half Round 18mm 0.71" tool, you will be setting yourself up for success in achieving professional results when cutting your leather belt and strap ends.

This 40mm wide (1.6) leathercraft strap cutter comes with a one-piece striker, which allows for the even distribution of pressure when cutting your leather strap ends. Compared to other factory-made tools, this leathercraft strap cutter is hand-forged and fashioned using high carbon steel by traditionally skilled artisans.

This strap cutter is perfect for use on smaller leather straps and is rustproofed to ensure that it upholds its quality over the years.

Item ID 20470
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Manufacturer Kyoshin Elle
Manufacturing country Japan
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