Seiwa Leathercraft Lacing Pony Sewing Horse Vice Clamp for Stitching Leather

This full size lacing pony is excellent for your leathercrafting needs, clamps under the stiffness of the wooden arms so there's no need for a tightening screw, perfect for sewing or lacing. Get this stitching horse today!

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You're looking at a brand new affordable Lacing Pony, this one has a much deeper throat that cheaper stitching ponies, allowing you to stitch leatherwork that an ordinary lacing pony can't.

Comes with a leather layer over the jaws of the vice to prevent damage to your leatherwork. The clamp swivels 360 degrees and can be tightened in any direction with the wing nut. Unlike much larger stitching horses with an integral seat, this one you can use it anywhere including on your favourite chair.

To open, simply insert the square wooden 'key' (the small wooden item next to the lacing pony in the picture) and twist to push the jaws apart, place your leather inside and carefully untwist the square wooden 'key' to let the jaws close over your leatherwork. No more constantly adjusting a screw or tightening the clamps, the natural tension of the wood will firmly, but gently, hold your leatherwork in place.

It measures 37cm in height, 9.5cm width and is 43cm long, the throat is just under 30cm deep.

Quality made in Taiwan for the Japan market.

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