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Kyoshin Elle 2.7mm Size 8 Round Triple Hole Leathercraft Punching Tool, to Punch Lacing & Strap Holes in Leatherwork

Punch round lacing holes with ease or add hole to your strap. Either way you're covered with this quality leathercraft tool, available in four sizes; 5, 6, 7 and 11

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When using the Leathercraft Tool Triple Leather 2.7mm Lacing Hole Punch for a size 8 watch strap, we promise that you will achieve uniformity in the distance between the punch and lace holes.

This steel punch hole machine ensures that your punch and lace holes are placed at an equal distance from each other of 6.4mm and in a much straight line.

While you can rely on this tool to punch 2.7mm diameter hole on your leather strap watch, you can also rely on it to get you exemplary lacing holes of a similar diameter. The tool is made from steel and is expected to last for years before needing a replacement. You can also choose from our wide range of punch tool sizes. Please note this listing is for a single size 8 triple hole punch, other items depicted are for illustrative purposes only.

Item ID 20606
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Manufacturer Kyoshin Elle
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 40 g