Craft Sha 100 Leathercraft Cement Flexible Glue Leather Bond Craft Adhesive 1kg

Perfect for joining leather to leather in a bond that will last for years, this water based glue dries clear and flexible. Contains traces of toluene.

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You're looking at 1 kilogram (2.2lbs) of water based Leather adhesive. This glue is for gluing the edges of leather together or applications that require your leather to flex. For rigid gluing applications such as the affixing of hardware or where your leather or craft work will not move much please choose 600 grade high strength glue instead.

This water based adhesive is excellent to bond your leatherwork. It also works great on wood or paper, dries clear. Should excess glue accumulate on unwanted areas, simply burnish off when dry or semi-dry.

Simply apply with a brush or spatula to both sides of the leather you wish to glue, then press together and hold until bonded. Contains traces of toluene.

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