Craft Sha Leathercraft Dye Binder Softener & Lacquer Primer for Leather 500ml

This lacquer primer will ensure your lacquer will hold firmly to your leather, infusing your leather with acrylic to ensure correct fastness, as well as preserving your leather and softening it as well.

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You're looking at 500ml (0.5 quarts) of leather lacquer binder to prime your vegetable tanned leather for lacquer, also works to prevent cracking and fading.

Simply apply with a soft bristle brush onto untreated vegetable tanned leather after dyeing, but before lacquering, to ensure even spreading of your dye and proper adhesion of your lacquer. It also helps evenly distributes your dye preventing streaking or swirling from original dye application. Be sure to lacquer your leatherwork afterwards for a quality finish you can see and long lasting durability.

Designed for untreated vegetable tanned leather, this lacquer will not work on factory finished leather products, waterproofed leather, lacquered leather, oil leather or chrome tanned leather.

Shake well before use. Best used with other Craft Sha products.

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