Craft Sha Leathercraft Tool Leather Alphabet Stamp Set 6mm x 6mm 1/4

These unique 6mm or 0.24 inch leathercraft stamps are both stylish and expertly made, comes with . , and - characters, hard to find elsewhere! Compatible with our 6mm or 0.24 inch numeral stamps.

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You're looking at a brand new leathercraft stamp set for letters A-Z and punctuation marks '-' ',' and '.' This is the first time this font and size have been made available outside Japan.

Why stamp your leather with the same old stamps that have been on the market for years? Why pay a fortune for custom stamps? Why buy stamps designed for metal stamping and not designed for leathercraft?

Add some personal flare to your stamping with this set. These letters are 6mm x 6mm, or 0.24 x 0.24. Perfect for personalizing wallets or other leather gear. This craft tool is an excellent addition to your leather workshop. Number set also available!

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