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Leathercraft Alphabet Letter Stamps 4mm x 4mm Courier Font Leather & PMC

This fine quality alphabet leather stamps are excellent for personalizing your leathercraft with style, small enough to put your full name on many leathercraft including wallets and watch straps. Get it today! You won't be disappointed!

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These 4mm alphabet stamps are excellent for personalising your leatherwork or Silver Art Clay. Small enough to permit the stamping of messages or addresses onto leatherwork such as watches or wallets, or delicate PMC such as pendants or bracelets, while being clearly visible. These outstanding tools are hard to find elsewhere. 

Chrome plated and made in Japan with quality materials, these outstanding stamps will offer a lifetime of use for a reasonable price

For Leather: Simply case your vegetable tanned leather lightly with water using a high density foam sponge and wait a few seconds for the water to absorb before stamping your leather by striking the stamp firmly with a soft headed hammer.

For Silver Clay: Swab the stamp head lightly with oil before gently pressing your stamp into wet PMC.

Create a powerful impact with these stamps. Number set also available.

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Manufacturer Kyoshin Elle
Manufacturing country Japan
1 piece
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