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Deluxe Leathercraft Stamp Storage Rack Holder & Organiser for 75 Tools

Organise your leather stamps like never before with this compact stamp and tool rack and organiser, also doubles as a tool box. This modular stamp rack is designed to fit along with other tool holders and tool racks.

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This outstanding compact leather stamp and tool rack is great for organising not only your leather stamps, but also an array of other tools. Hinged at the back with a latch at the front, this rack can be opened and tools can be stored inside, in three different compartments, should you need to take them on the go. The bottom of the rack has had holes drilled to ensure your stamps will remain stable when inserted.

This excellent rack has a total of 75 holes for tools of various sizes, Please see the chart below (sizes are rounded up to the nearest millimetre):

Number of holes Diameter in millimetres
1 20mm
1 18mm
2 15mm
5 12mm
30 10mm
22 8mm


A handy tip: Use the 20mm hole to insert a wine bottle cork so you have a convenient 'pin cushion' to store your sewing needles.

Measures 7cm tall, by 20cm wide and 12cm deep. The modular design of this rack means it can be placed neatly with other tool racks and organisers (sold separately). The interior storage areas measure just under 8cm by just under 10cm.

Quality made in Japan this stamp rack has had the wood professionally hand finished and the sharp edges sanded off, assembled with high quality untreated wood, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one of these handy stamp racks. We recommend you decorate this storage solution with your favourite compatible paint, varnish or sealant to give it the look you prefer and to ensure it's longevity for years of service.


Item ID 20429
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Manufacturer Kyoshin Elle
Manufacturing country Japan
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