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Kyoshin Elle 45cm Japanese Leathercraft Deluxe Tool & Knife Storage Rack Holder Organizer Tower, with 21 Leather Tool Slots

Organise your leathercraft tools like never before with this purpose built tool storage rack and organiser. This modular tool rack is designed to accommodate other tool holders and stamp racks at the bottom.

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Say goodbye to misplaced tools or tools damaged or made grimy in cramped tool boxes with this incredible Deluxe Tool & Knife Storage Rack, specifically designed for leathercraft tools. Excellent to store and organise your tools within easy reach at your work space. This large rack is able to accommodate up to 21 leather tools of various sizes in addition to an array of knives, from large mauls to small awls, yet compact enough to fit easily on almost any table. This outstanding storage unit has a knife rack in the back capable of safely accommodating round head knives, Japanese utility knives and more.

Quality made in Japan this Deluxe Tool & Knife Storage Rack has had the wood professionally hand finished and the sharp edges sanded off, assembled with steel brackets and high quality untreated wood, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one of these handy racks.

Tall yet compact, this Deluxe Tool & Knife Storage Rack measures 45cm (17.7) tall, by 50cm (19.7)  wide and 13.5cm (5.3) deep. The modular design of this rack means its great for adding a stamp kit rack or tool holder (sold separately).

Need to store more tools? Buy two of these racks and stand them next to each other to ensure your storage needs are completely met.

Please note, this listing is for a single tool rack only as depicted in the first picture and the largest item in the other pictures only. All tools and other storage devices such as the stamp rack and box holder are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with this listing.

Item ID 19799
Condition New
Manufacturer Kyoshin Elle
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 2500 g