Leathercraft Cutting Tool 103mm Semicircle Leather Skiving Thinning Round Head Knife, with Walnut Wood Handle, for Leatherworking | Goods Japan

Leathercraft Cutting Tool 103mm Semicircle Leather Skiving Thinning Round Head Knife, with Walnut Wood Handle, for Leatherworking

This round knife is great for cutting and skiving your leathercrafts quickly and easily with its wide semicircle cutting edge.

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Skive and cut leather with this affordable round head knife with a wide semicircular cutting edge. This leathercraft knife is a versatile tool, perfect for cutting and skiving most leather thicknesses. This tool's handle is crafted from walnut wood with a smooth, contoured design, providing the user a comfortable and secure grip to increase control and cutting precision.

Use this tool to easily and effortlessly shave off thin layers of leather or cut along curves and straight lines. This tool can also be used for trimming excess leather on your projects.

Note: The blade of this knife has undergone a single heat treatment only.

Approximate dimensions & product data:

  • Blade material: D2 Steel
  • Handle material: Walnut wood
  • Blade size: 103x41mm
  • Total length (from tip of the blade to the edge of the handle): 151mm

For cutting in straight lines, place the leather on a cutting board. Hold the tool firmly and place the blade against the leather with the point of the blade into the cutting board. Push the knife forward, cutting through leather and slightly into the board. For a more slicing action, slightly roll the blade forward as you cut. When cutting curves, place the blade the same as making straight cuts and turn the leather as needed to facilitate cutting. The more the knife is tilted back, the smaller the curve it cuts. Caution! Always push the knife with the blade facing away from you. Never pull or point the blade towards you while cutting, and ensure no body parts (e.g., fingers, hand, etc.) are in the way of the blade while you are cutting. Loss of control of the blade in such instances may result in serious injury or death.

For skiving, place the leather flesh side up on a hard, smooth surface such as marble and hold the knife at an angle. Start skiving on the edge of the leather, with the edge of the blade against the skiving surface. Apply firm pressure with the blade against the skiving surface, and move the knife forward to cut.

Please note: This tool's blade is sharp, keep out of the reach of children. Store without contacting any hard surface to avoid dulling the cutting edge.

Photos with background grids are measured in millimetres, with each square representing one square millimetre.

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