Michihamono 5pcs Basic Wood Carving Tool Kit U V Gouge Skewed Chisel Left Handed

Simple, high quality, affordable and designed for left handed people, what more could you ask for? Check out this great value kit today.

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This handy and affordable wood carving kit is great for all kinds of wood carving. Made from impact resistant plastic and with a rubberised grip to ensure accurate handling, with a quality steel blade, these tools are great for the beginner and expert alike. Each tool is colour coded, so you can identify the tool you want quickly and with ease.

This set is designed for left handed people, so the bevel is on the opposite side as standard wood carving tools, however, is also suitable for right handed people that prefer the bevel on the opposite side.

Please note the background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Overall length: 15cm (varies depending on tool)
  • Handle length 12.5cm
  • Handle width: 1.5cm
  • Grip length: 4cm

This kit includes the following wood carving tools:

  • Flat Chisel, 7mm
  • Gouge, 3mm
  • Gouge, 5mm
  • V-Parting Tool, 4mm
  • Skew Chisel, 9mm

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