Michihamono 7pcs Basic Wood Carving Tool Kit U V Gouge Skewed Chisel Left Handed

These quality, yet affordable, set of seven wood carving tools are excellent for ensuring your next wood carving project will be a memorable one. Designed for left handed people.

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This set of small Japanese hand wood carving tools is great for woodblock carving come complete with seven of the most popular wood carving knives and comes in a denim carry case that snaps closed with a button. Each tool has a plastic cap for safe storage Designed for left handed people or those that prefer the bevel on the other side of the blade. Approximate dimensions: Overall length: 17cm (varies depending on tool) Handle length 14.5cm Handle width: 1.5cm This kit includes the following wood carving tools: Flat Chisel, 8m Flat Chisel, 5mm Gouge, 3mm Gouge, 6mm Gouge, 10 mm V-Parting Tool, 4mm Skew Chisel, 8mm The background grid in the pictures is in square millimetres.

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