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Michihamono 6 Piece Chisels Gouges Starter Set Wooden Sculpture Wood Carving Kit, with Guidebook & Woodblock, to Carve Figures in Wood

An excellent quality Japanese wood carving set for making wooden figurines and statues. This set includes 6-piece carving tools, woodblock, and a guidebook.

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This wood carving starter kit from Michihamono contains the essential tools you will need to start making your own wooden sculpture. This kit has six of Michihamono's superb wood carving gouges and chisels that are made from high-quality steel with smooth, ergonomic wood handles, making it easy to hold while carving and suitable for beginners. 

This wood carving set also includes a cylindrical-shaped Cypress wood and a guidebook to help you practice and learn if you are just new to the art. When not in use, store and protect the tools with the included vinyl case.

The guidebook can be used and understood without the need to read Japanese with its simple and clear pictorial instructions.

Set Content:

  • Flat Chisel, 9mm
  • Skew Chisel, 6mm
  • U Gouge, 3mm
  • U Gouge, 6mm
  • U Gouge, 9mm
  • V Gouge, 3mm
  • Cylindrical Cypress Wood (44x90mm)
  • Instruction Book (Japanese)
  • Vinyl Case

Please note: These tools are sharp, keep out of the reach of children. Store them on the vinyl case when not in use to avoid dulling the cutting edge.

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