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Michihamono Mokuhanga Woodblock Printing Tool 120mm Plastic Japanese Baren

An affordable plastic baren suitable for beginners and intermediate printmakers. This tool is easy to use and applies even pressure when used.

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Rub and press paper for woodblock printing using this quality yet affordable plastic Japanese baren from Michihamono. This tool features raised semi-spheres that are formed in a spiral to allow fine sliding and has stronger durability than the bamboo variants as it is made from ABS resin. An ideal and inexpensive tool if you are just starting your journey in woodblock printing.

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

  • Material: ABS Resin
  • Diameter: 120mm

To use this Bamboo Baren, hold the handle properly by inserting your fingers (except for the thumb) through the handle, and the heel part of the hand is touching the back of the baren. In this way, you can put more pressure on the baren. Start rubbing from the corner of the paper to make sure the paper is perfectly aligned to the woodblock, and move the baren in a small, circular motion and gradually increasing motion until the whole area of the paper is pressed to the woodblock.

Item ID 43006
Condition New
Model 82003400
Manufacturer Michihamono
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 120 g