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Michihamono Woodworking Tool Cut Resistant Wood Carving Gloves, Small Size

Gloves made of Kevlar with a high cut resistance. Protects your hands from cuts while also keeping your wood clean and stain-free.

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This pair of lightweight, quality Kevlar gloves from Michihamono not only provides a high level of protection when carving but also prevents fingerprints and stains from transferring to your work. These gloves are cut-resistant while maintaining breathability and flexibility by using a Kevlar construction in an open weave pattern. These gloves are comfortable to wear for long periods and a great way to reduce the risk of injury, making them suitable for beginners.

Please keep in mind that these gloves are not an alternative for appropriate carving techniques and care, which are the most important parts of safe carving. This design will probably not be able to stop a sharp point pointed straight at the fabric, and while they are cut resistant, persistent or increased pressure on concentrated parts of these gloves may result in Kevlar layer penetration.

Product Composition:

  • Kevlar: 50%
  • Wooly Nylon: 35%
  • Metal Thread: 15%


  • Please use in a well-dried state. Cut resistance may be reduced when wet. 
  • Ultraviolet rays cause discoloration and reduce the performance of gloves. After use, put it in black container and store it in a dark place.
  • Do not use bleach when washing the gloves.
  • The performance of gloves will gradually deteriorate as the number of washings increases.
  • Although it has high cut resistance, please be careful not to pierce it with a tool.

This listing is for the Kevlar gloves only. Photos showing other tools are for illustrative purposes only.

Item ID 43080
Condition New
Model 71500030
Manufacturer Michihamono
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 130 g