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Mikisyo Power Grip Woodcarving 4-Piece Set Left Handed Gouges & Chisels Wood Carving Tool Kit, with Red Beech Wood Handles, for Woodworking

This set of Mikisyo wood carving knives is great for all sorts of wood carving tasks, using the renown and distinctive Power Grip handles and long lasting blade, these tools will last many years.

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Check out this Mikisyo Wood Carving set that contains four excellent Power Grip wood carving tools. This set is exactly the same as the regular set, but is designed for left handed people, or people who prefer the bevel on the opposite side of the blade. Each set comes with a convenient carry box that securely locks closed, while also being a tool stand when opened.

The blades are razor sharp straight out the packaging and are made with laminated steel and hardened for optimal cutting and long life. The length of every tool is around 14.5cm, including the blade. The blade itself is 3cm long. The comfortably fitting handles are made from Red Beech wood. The width of each tool is 19mm at its thickest point and 10mm at its thinnest point.

To use Mikisyo 4pcs Power Grip Wood Carving Tool Kit U V Gouge Chisel Set Left Handed, simply hold it like you would a pencil, positioning it over your wood while holding it between your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. When extra force is needed, simply apply that force with your free hand on the bulbous end of the tool.

Please note the background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

This wood carving kit contains the following wood carving tools:

  • Flat Chisel, 8mm
  • Gouge, 6mm
  • V-Parting Tool, 6mm
  • Skew Chisel, 8mm

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