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Oka Special Pro Stitching Groover Tan Adjustable Leathercraft Hand Sewing Tool

Create straight stitching guides at the edge of your leather with this special pro stitching groover. This tool's blade and handle are on the same axis, giving you better control and pressure on the blade.

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This Oka's special pro stitching groover is great for making grooves and creases in your leather's edge. Quality made in Japan, this tool can be used to create neat, straight stitching guides around the edges of leather products such as bags, wallets, and belts. Unlike previous designs, this leather tool allows you to exert control directly on the centerline of your creasing or grooving, rather than offset pressure, resulting in greater precision and professional results. This tool comes with a distinctive tan colour wood handle, allowing you to set it apart from your other tools.

This tool comes with a variety of blades that can be used to crease or groove leather. The length can also be adjusted based on how far the stitching guide should be from the leather's edge. This stitching groover is a 3-in-1 leathercraft tool that is suitable for both freehand or leather edge creasing and grooving. A great addition to your leathercraft tool collection.

This set includes:

  • Allen Key
  • Jeweler's Rouge
  • Spoon Shaped Blade
  • Grooving Blade
  • Divider Blade

Please note, while the handle of this item has been fashioned to appear as tan, the actual wood itself is maple.

The blades are small and sharp, keep out of the reach of children.

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Manufacturing country Japan
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