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Kyoshin Elle Japanese Leathercraft 10g Alcohol Based Red Orange Powdered Oil Dye, for Dyeing Untreated Vegetable Tanned Leather

Up to 500ml of alcohol based oil dye in a convenient powdered form, ensuring low cost and easy transportation. Simply mix with alcohol to achieve a high quality oil dye for your untreated vegetable tanned leather.

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This magnificent leather dye is made for your leather-dyeing needs. Its manufacturers are aware of the painful costs of transporting and storing other forms of dyes and so they powdered this one for you. Bottled dyes are insanely expensive to transport and store, so why not use the extra money to purchase more of the powdered dye?

To enter the untreated vegetable tanned leather, you’ll need to put the powdered dye in an emulsifier-in our case we’ll use colourless Denatured Alcohol (also called Methylated Spirits, Wood Spirit, or Denatured Rectified Spirit). This way, our mixture makes its way into the leather very fast and to the innermost parts of the leather, compared to water-based dyes. Also, it has a faster drying record. Its powdered form gives you an advantage as you don’t have to jump through hoops during transportation like if you were to purchase premixed dyes that bound to light up.

To prepare your dye, mix one tub of dye with ½ a litre of colourless Denatured Alcohol. Keep mixing until you can’t see the crystals in the mixture and then let it sit for close to an hour. If your dyes are intensely coloured, use lee amounts of colourless Denatured Alcohol for the procedure. Upon the dye dissolving, take your untreated vegetable tanned leather and start the application process. It is advised that you go in with a soft brush, gently stoking it evenly for a balanced finish. Also, put your soft brush in water for a bit before applying the dye to enhance a balanced look. Storage of the unused mixture is also vital: get an alcohol-proof container for that.

Undissolved dye crystals are rather common to find at the bottom of the container. When it occurs, the best you can do is to prevent them from getting to your leather during dyeing as they will cause unsightly striping on your leather.

You can find the dye in the market in an array of colours.

Please note: The powdered dye is meant to be mixed with colourless Denatured Alcohol exclusively (rubbing alcohol, or other kinds of alcohol are not suitable for this product) and the mixture used for treating vegetable-tanned leather alone. Solely to be used on vegetable-tanned leather that has not been previously treated or dyed. Unfit for use on treated leather like those of handbags manufactured in factories, table tops, jackets, leather seats, car seats among other. The reason is that a good number of these things have been pre-dyed or pre-treated to discourage subsequent dyeing. There’s a great possibility of them having a plastic layer that inhibits uptake of the dye. However, it is possible to test whether the items can be dyed. Take what you think to be pre-treated or dyed leather and completely clean it using a recommended cleaning agent. Proceed by putting a drop of alcohol on the treated portion. You may need to rub in the alcohol gently. The results can go two ways: the leather absorbs the alcohol without ruining the leather or it ruins it. The first result indicates that the dye is suitable for the leather. Since impeccable results are not guaranteed on pre-treated or pre-dyed leather, it is prudent that you contact the manufacturer for information. A rule of thumb for us is that you always test the dye on a tiny portion of the item before deciding to dye the whole item, especially in the face of uncertainty of the suitability of the dye to the leather.

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