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Sanesu Traditional Japanese Stenciling Hake Paintbrush Medium Wash Paint Brush 24mm, with Wooden Handle, for Wood Block Printmaking

This 24mm traditional Japanese paintbrush is the ultimate brush for all kinds of paint work and other amazing art. 15mm, 18mm and 36mm brushes sold separately.

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This traditional Japanese Hake paintbrush is made from natural and eco-friendly materials. It is both suitable for beginners and professionals. This Japanese brush is made with excellent quality bristles that are both flexible and dense, so it's an excellent tool for traditional printmaking.

The brush head is approximately 24mm, and, with its wooden handle and carefully sewn hairbrush, you can apply paints and spread them easily and evenly. 15mm, 18mm, and 36mm brushes sold separately.

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Condition New
Manufacturer Sanesu
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 67 g