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Seiwa Fabrier Clear Sky Blue Leather Fabric Painting Colored Dye 100ml & 35ml

This Fabrier Clear sky blue variant can be used with any other Fabrier Clear colors. This product may be used to personalize your fabric and leather goods.

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This Fabrier Clear leather and fabric paint has excellent elasticity and flexibility, so it will not crumble or break even when folded or stretched often, and it has a transparent look when applied to your leather and fabric items. Seiwa's Fabrier Clear may be used to personalise your fabric and leather products, such as bags, shoes, and clothes, as well as as an edge coat on your leather. Light-colored textiles and leather are recommended for this product. Fabrier Clear can be applied freehand with a brush or painted using spattering, masking, or tie-dying techniques.

There are 12 distinct colors to choose from (each sold separately), and they may be mixed and used on a range of textiles such as cotton, rayon, linen, and others (not suitable for surface-treated leather and fabric). As a finishing agent, use leather light spray or leather fix to complete your leather treatment. When the paint on the textile fabric has dried to a somewhat sticky state, iron it at the appropriate temperature for the cloth. To prevent stains and increase its fixing power, dilute the dye with Fabrier Diluent if it is difficult to apply. Fabrier Clear dries in about 20-30 minutes (one day for complete drying).

Available Colors (each sold separately):

  • Clear Yellow
  • Clear Orange
  • Clear Red
  • Clear Pink
  • Clear Light Green
  • Clear Green
  • Clear Sky Blue
  • Clear Blue
  • Clear Violet
  • Clear Brown
  • Clear White
  • Clear Black


  • 35ml
  • 100ml


  • Water-Based Acrylic Resin Pigment

This listing is for Fabrier Clear Sky Blue only with 35ml and 100ml variations to choose from. Photos showing other products and materials are for illustrative purposes only.

Please note: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

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