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Seiwa Fabrier Pigment Leathercraft Dye Thinner Acrylic Resin 490ml Large Fabric Dyeing Color Diluent, for Fabrier Leather Acrylic Paint

This diluent is mixed with Fabrier acrylic dyes to decrease its thickness and helps in producing stain-free designs on your leatherworks and fabrics.

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This Seiwa Fabrier Diluent is a special diluting agent made exclusively for Fabrier Pigment products. Combining it with any Fabrier acrylic dye  products (Neon, Regular, Pearl, Glitter, Pop, & Clear) will reduce its color density and thickness, great when using leather dyes for customizing leathercrafts. It can also be used in adding beautiful designs on clothing and other similar fabrics. It gives better results than using water as a diluent as it does not cause bleeding of colors which results in stains, and it also settles the dye on the leather firmly.

Shake before using this Fabrier diluent. Add a small amount to a container together with any Fabrier Dyeing Pigments to adjust the depth of the color and thickness of the Fabrier. Mix until uniformly blended. Put an equal amount of diluent, same as the amount of leather dye if the color is still difficult to spread or is too thick (1:1 ratio). Available in 35ml and 100ml sizes (each sold separately).


• Water-Based Acrylic Resin

Available sizes:

• Small - 35ml
• Medium - 100ml
• Large - 490ml

This listing is for Fabrier Pigment Diluent 490ml only. Photos showing other items are for illustrative purposes only.

Please note: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

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