Takagi Japanese Wood Carving Tool Skew Chisel 12mm for Woodworking

This quality, heat treated professional Japanese wood carving tool will ensure quality results, and is excellent for general wood carving where a level of details is needed.

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Ensure excellent results with this large skew chisel Japanese wood carving tool. Carve out large amounts of wood from tapered recesses, channels or had to reach places using the slanted cutting edges of this tool in your wood work.

Japanese style skew chisels are perfect for clearing wood from tapering recesses or corners of wood carvings that require an angled blade. This larger blade is great for clearing larger portions of wood from your relief or wood carving.

Made from quality steel, this laminated steel blade, the tang of which sits deep in the large pine wood handle, this Japanese wood carving tool will give you years of service. Like all Japanese wood carving tools, the handle is designed to be manipulated with either one hand or two, depending on the task.

Made in Japan.

The background grid of the photograph is in square millimeters.

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