Takagi Japanese Wood Carving Tool U Gouge 6mm for Woodworking

This quality, heat treated professional Japanese wood carving tool will ensure quality results, and is excellent for general wood carving where a level of details is needed.

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Gouge medium size channels in your wood with this Japanese wood carving gouge tool from Takagi. Designed to carve out large amounts of wood in a short time, the U gouge is an indispensable tool for all woodworkers.

The Japanese style of handle means that the tool can be gripped with a single hand for delicate work or to position it as if one were holding a pencil, but is long and study enough to be held by two hands when extra force is needed.

Excellent for carving channels or removing wood from releafs or woodblock carvings, this excellent yet affordable Japanese tool comes with a sharp, high-carbon steel blade, whose long shank sits deep within the pine wood handle, that has been smoothed for a comfortable grip.

Background grid in photo is in square millimeters.

Made in Japan

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