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Takagi Kikuo 210mm Cutting Tool Takebiki Nokogiri Single Edged Japanese Carpenter Bamboo Saw, with Wooden Handle, for Woodworking

Use this Japanese saw for cutting bamboo and for your other woodworking projects. This tool's blade has very fine teeth, so it won't get caught on wood when cutting.

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Produce precise, clean cuts every time with this high-quality 210mm bamboo wrapped saw from Takagi. This Japanese saw is made from stainless steel and each tooth is expertly sharpened, ensuring this tool will provide many years of excellent service. The sturdy wood handle is wrapped in bamboo, allowing for better grip during use.

This Japanese bamboo saw produces thin kerfs with its thin blade, meaning it removes a small amount of wood and requires less effort to use. This tool is suitable for cutting bamboo but can be used in other woodworking tasks as well.

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

  • Blade material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle material: Wood handle wrapped in bamboo
  • Overall length: 540mm
  • Blade length: 210mm

Please note: The blade edge is sharp, keep out of the reach of children. Store without the blade contacting any hard surface to avoid dulling the cutting edge.

Item ID 21435
Condition New
Manufacturer Takagi
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 235 g