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Washin Paint Color Wax 200g Woodcarving Water Based Wood Finish Light Brown Teak Fast Drying Japanese Staining Paste Polish, for Woodworking

This Japanese Low Odor Water Based Color Wax from Washin Paint can be used for finishing and decorating wooden furniture, decors, and other similar products.

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This high-quality Japanese water-based Color Wax, developed by Washin, is great for your wood working projects. It comes in 8 different color and features near instant drying properties, allowing you to apply, waiting a few seconds, before simply polishing with a dry cloth. This listing is for the Teak variant which has a light brown color when applied on wood.

This Water-Based Color Wax can be used at home for finishing and decorating wooden furniture, decor, and other similar products. Because of its near instant drying feature, it can also be used in schools where time is limited. 


• Wax
• Pigments
• Additives
• Anti Freezing Agent and Others
• Water

Product Data:

• Weight - 200g
• Coating area - 3.3 square meter

Available Colors (sold seperately):

• Natural 
• Teak (Light Brown)
• Walnut 
• Oak
• Ebony (Black)
• Red
• Yellow
• Blue

To use this Water-Based Color Wax, simply smooth out the surface of the wood using 240 grit sandpaper and clean it afterward using a lint-free cloth or any similar cleaner. Add wax on another piece of cloth and rub it on the surface of the wood. Apply the color wax evenly and thoroughly on your wood, avoiding excessive build up. Add more wax if needed. After applying color wax, wipe the wood surface with a dry cloth to remove excess wax. Repeat the process until satisfied with the result.

This listing is for Washin Paint Water-Based Color Wax Light Brown Teak only, other colours are shown for illustrative purposes only.

Please note: Wear gloves and safety glasses when applying this product.

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