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Washin Paint Color Wax 200g Woodcarving Water Based Coloured Wood Finish Yellow

Washin Paint Japanese Water-Based Wood Carving 200g Yellow Color Finishing Wax protects and brings out the luster of the material to any finished wood surface.

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This Yellow water-based finishing Color Wax, from Washin of Japan, is not only a stand-alone wax finish for your wood projects, but it can also be mixed with other Color Waxes to create more colorful designs on your wood.

This Color Wax is recommended for furniture, woodwork, woodcarvings, cabinets, and other similar products that do not need a hard protective coating, it is also specially formulated to dry fast, so your colouring will be quick and easy. Since it is water-based, this product produces little odour and can be easily removed by washing with soap.


• Wax
• Pigments
• Additives
• Anti Freezing Agent and Others
• Water

Product Data:

• Weight - 200g
• Coating area - 3.3 square meter

Available Colors (sold separately):

• Natural 
• Teak (Light Brown)
• Walnut 
• Oak
• Ebony (Black)
• Red
• Yellow
• Blue

To use this Water-Based Color Wax prepare your wood by cleaning it and, if needed, sanding it to allow the wax to penetrate the wood grain. Take an appropriate amount of wax with a lint-free cloth and rub the wax evenly into your wood until the desired finish is achieved. Avoid excessive build up of wax. After applying, allow to dry before removing the excess wax using a clean dry, lint-free cloth. 

This listing is for Washin Paint Water-Based Color Wax Yellow only. Other colors are shown for illustrative purposes only.

Please note: Wear gloves and safety glasses when applying this product.

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