25cm Replacment Blade for Bakuma Ryoba Dual Edge Saw

Genuine replacement blade for the Bakuma Ryoba Dual Edge Saw, quality made in Japan from high quality steel.

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This double edged serrated replacement blade is a genuine Bakuma made part, designed for the  Bakuma Ryoba Dual Edge Saw, sold separately. Excellent for wood, plasterboard (drywall), gardening, branch removal or anywhere else a quality blade is needed.

Please note this item is for the replacement blade only, all other items depicted are for illustrative purposes only.

Approximate specifications:

  • Blade length: 25cm
  • Blade thickness: 0.5mm
  • Teeth depth, coarse edge: 2~3mm
  • Teeth depth, fine edge: 2.5mm
  • Distance between teeth, coarse edge: 3mm
  • Distance between teeth, fine edge: 1.5mm

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