Cera Forever Antibacteria Silver Oxide Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife 16cm

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You're looking at a high quality stainless steel, antibacterial, kitchen knife from Cera, a leading Japanese brand of kitchen knives.

This stainless steel knife has an antibacterial coating to provide protection against microbes, bacteria and other germs. The Silver Oxide Antibacterial Coating is sintered to the blade at high temperature in a method similar to the glazing of pottery, ensuring this knife has superior anti-bacterial properties when compared to other knives. Don't risk food poisoning that can occur with untreated knives, get this silver oxide coated knife today for your peace of mind!

This high quality, Japanese made knife is not only antibacterial, but is also guaranteed to be sharp straight out of the box and will make an excellent addition to your kitchen. Perfect for general uses, such as cutting meat, vegetables and bread.


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