Craft Sha 36mm Japanese Traditional Skiving & Utility Leather Knife Left Handed

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The Craft Sha Traditional Japanese Skiving and Utility Knife is a high quality traditional Japanese skiving and utility knife that could make your leather work project's cutting, skiving or beveling with ease and precision.

The knife is traditionally handmade from Japan. The blade is made of high quality steel that makes the blade be at its best even after years of use. It is hand sharpened to a high reflective polish; razor sharp and makes for extremely effortless for skiving and cutting. The blade handle is made of beautiful and very sturdy Japanese white oak.

To cut leather simply place your leather onto a quality purpose made cutting mat, then insert the appropriate corner of the blade into your leather and pull the knife towards you, twisting the blade in the direction you wish to cut. Please ensure your blade is cutting the mat as well as your leather to ensure control and reduce the risk of slippage. When turning the knife around corners while cutting, pitch the handle of the knife away from you for more control, and when cutting in straight lines pitch the handle of the blade towards you for straighter lines and more efficient cutting.

For skiving place your leather flesh side up with the edge you wish to skive facing away from you on a hard  surface the blade cannot cut, such as glass. Holding the knife with the bevel facing upwards and the edge of the blade facing in the same direction of the edge of the leather, or at a slight angle as preferred, cut your leather outwards or across from where you would like the skive to begin straight through to the edge of the leather.

The blade measures at 36mm. As with all Japanese blades, please ensure that it is kept dry and is stored in a manner that will prevent the cutting edge from contacting hard surfaces. For best results ensure the knife is kept sharp.

This leather knife is made for people with left-handedness.  

Made in Japan

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