Burnable Cork Clay 240g 8.5oz 14cm x 10cm x 2cm Hollow PMC Silver Clay Jewellery

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This moist block of burnable Cork Clay weighs 240g or 8.5oz and is fully pliable and mouldable when wet, but dries hard and can then be sanded, cut or otherwise sculpted as desired.

This product is perfect for making shapes that you can mould your PMC or Art Clay around prior to firing in your kiln for hollow silver jewellery. The cork will burn away with minimal ash residue that will fall away through the holes in your jewelry once sintered.

To burn cork clay optimally, quickly heat your artwork to 425 degrees Celsius (800F) and maintain the temperature for 20 minutes. Next, quickly heat up the kiln to the temperature recommend for sintering and allow to sinter. Following these steps will help ensure the cork is fully incinerated before the sintering process begins.

Please note that as Cork Clay is soft the shape may deform in transit, but will still be perfectly usable. Please ensure that any left over cork clay is sealed in an air tight container once the package is open to prevent it drying out.

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