Tohosha Wood Carving Chisel 6 Piece Set V U Gouge, Skewed Flat Bent Back Chisel

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Looking for an affordable set of six wood carving chisels? Then look no further, these quality wood carving chisels are made in Japan with the tang extending all the way through the wrap-around handle so as to be exposed at the back. This allows you to strike the chisel with a mallet and not worry about splitting the handle and ensuring your blows will be transmitted directly to the cutting edge of the blade.

Comfortable to hold, this wood carving set is excellent as a gift and has all the popular types of gouges and chisels needed to get started.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Overall Length: 16cm
  • Shank and blade length: 6cm
  • Bolster length: 8mm
  • Handle width: 17mm ~ 27mm

This kit includes the following:

  • U Gouge, 5mm
  • V Gouge, 5mm
  • Fishtail Gouge, 6mm
  • Skewed Chisel, 14mm
  • Straight Chisel, 11mm
  • Bent Back Chisel, 11mm

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