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Art Clay Starter Kit Basic Silver Clay PMC Tools Kiln Set for Charms & Jewelry

Make charms and other silver clay pieces with this easy to afford kiln from Art Clay. Great for beginners or as a gift.

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Looking to make charms, key rings or other small silver creations, then this kit is what you're looking for. Make your own unique silver items with this Art Clay Silver kit.

Comes with a wire mesh kiln, tweezers, abrasive pad, wire brush, instruction guide (Japanese) and 7g of Art Clay Silver.

Simply place your sculpted Silver Clay Creation in the centre of the pan and place on your gas stove, bend the provided mesh to fashion an ember catcher / heat distributor over the pan as illustrated and turn your gas stove to its highest setting. Once the base of the pan glows red hot, allow your Silver Clay Creation to fire as recommended by the Silver Clay manufacturer. Once the recommended time has elapsed, turn off the stove an allow to cool naturally before polishing.

This kit can be used over and over again to make jewellery for fun, profit or that special someone. Please note that while the instructions are in Japanese, the pictorial instructions are easy to follow for people who do not understand Japanese.

To determine optimal temperature, a laser temperature gauge is recommended. Will only work on a gas stove.

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