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Leathercraft Book, LEATHER CRAFT START BOOK on Leathercrafting

Just getting started in leathercraft? Then this book will offer you an great starting point for your first project, full of full colour pictures and measured plans, this Japanese book is an excellent addition to your library.

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Looking to get started with pre-made leather kits or with your own creations? Then this Japanese book is an excellent way to get started without needing to understand Japanese.

Selected from dozens of other books, this one is among the best suited to help you on your way to making leathercraft like a pro, or if you're already a pro, this book is a great way to learn of new projects and techniques.

Full of colour photos detailing step-by-step guides on how to make the projects described below can be found in this book, many of the projects contained within can be purchased separately in kit form while others can be cut from leather using the detailed plans included inside.

Get this fine publication today.

Table of Contents

  1. Let's start LEATHER CRAFT
    • Basic tools and materials
    • The 4 things should be known about Leather
    • Workflow of leather craft
  2. The item made without sewing
    • Tassel
    • Bracelet
    • Charm
    • Wallet rope
    • Desk tray
    • Dinosaur mobile (Pteranodon / Triceratops)
    • Sheep skeleton necklace
  3. The item made with basic hand-sewing technique
    • Key cover
    • Pen cover
    • Card case
    • Pen case
    • Pass case
    • Tote bag
  4. The item has a complicated structure
    • Middle wallet
    • Babouche
    • Half wallet
  5. Decoration techniques
    • Dyeing
    • Applique
    • Stitch
    • Punching
    • Leather burning
    • Leather carving
  6. Basic techniques
    • Hand-sewing
    • Lacing
    • Sewing machine
    • Metal fittings
  7. Paper patterns (actual size)

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